We offer heating oil (Mazut, M-100)

Olymp Invest Group offers heating oil (Mazut, M-100) in small and large volume directly from the leading manufactures in Russia.

Heating oil is a residual petroleum product derived after extraction of gasoline, kerosene and gas oil fractions. It has ash content of less than 0.05%, minimum calorific value of 40,530 kJ/kg, a freezing point of below 25 degrees Celsius and sulphur content of not more than 1.5%.

Areas of use
Heating oil is commonly used in the stationary boilers and process plants as well as furnaces.

Olymp Invest Group can deliver heating oil to any part of Russia in the specially designed railroad tank cars. We can also arrange shipment of heating oil for export to any country.

Please contact our sales team to make an order for heating oil (Mazut, M-100) by calling the following number +7 913 323 2222, or in writing to nordcoal@olymp-invest.com.

You can also use an online request form. Our managers will be delighted to help you with your queries.