Freight Forwarding – full range of services to organise and supervise shipment of goods. Our company can handle freight forwarding via rail and road modes of transport.

As part of freight forwarding we offer a complete spectrum of services starting from insurance matters to a timely delivery of a consignment to a port/station of destination.

Our company will supervise the whole forwarding process by booking a transport and providing technical support if need be. Should any difficulties arise it is a responsibility of our forwarders to resolve the issues and ensure an uninterrupted delivery of a shipment.

Freight forwarding is considered to be a separate transportation service, which often results in increase of a final value of a shipment and product price.

Olymp Invest Group strive to provide turnkey delivery services. Freight forwarding, transportation of goods and insurance, all this is organised with a single objective in mind, that is to minimise the costs for our customers and maintain high quality industry standards.

All questions related to freight forwarding can be discussed with our sales managers who would be happy to offer a bespoke solution to fit the client’s requirements.

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